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6th (vi) Oration of Julian: To the Uneducated Cynics
7th (vii) Oration of Julian: To the Cynic Heracleios
Achilles and Grief
Admiration of Pericles
Agathobulus of Alexandria
Alexander & Megalomania
Aristotle's Animals - Literary Theory
Leader of the Army of the Dog - Diogenes of Sinope
Aristippus of Cyrene - Alfred Weber
Articulated Values of Athenian Democracy
As Opposed to the Romans...
As-Suhrawardi and Nominalism: A Brief Overview
Battle Tactics in Homer's Iliad
Blind Men and the Elephant
Corcyra - Dissolution of Values
Crates Leaves the Polis
Criticism of Plato
Cynical Aspects of Gospels
Fall of Miletus
Even the Gods are Hard to Read
Follow Me
Functions of the Soul and Knowledge of the Self - Avicenna
Midrash Interpretation of Genesis 1:1-2
Greek Letters
Herodotus Book One
Herodotus Book Two
Herodotus Book Three
Herodotus Book Four
Herodotus Book Five
Herodotus Book Six
Herodotus Book Seven
Herodotus Book Eight
Herodotus Book Nine
Historia Ars
Homer's Ethiopians
Homeric Cynicism
Letter from Diogenes CXCVIII
Letter from Heraclitus CV
Letter from Heraclitus CVL
Lives of the Eminent Philosophers, Book 6
Lucian-like Skepticism of Montaigne
Lucian's Modest Background
Map of the Deceased
Marius the Epicurean | "Hermotimus"
Martyrology of St Olaf
Maximus of Tyre, Whether the Life of a Cynic is Preferred
Misanthropy and Letting Go
Notes on Existence
Notes on Herodotus and Culture
Notes on Homer's Odyssey
Notes on Sodom and Gomorrah
Orphic Tablets
Platonic Metaphor
Poverty as a Mistake
Psychology of Avicenna
Review: Diogenes the Cynic - Sayings and Anecdotes
Rolling in the Tub
Sardanapalus: Note to Self
Sins of Sodom: Wealth and Nomos
Repudiation of Stoicism in Dialogues of the Dead?
The Cynic by Pseudo-Lucian
The Downfall of Cyrus
The Greatest Good for Man...
How did Herodotus Paint Aristagoras, Cleomenes, and Pisistratus?
Tracing the Motion Argument for God from Aristotle to Avicenna - Arabic Philosophy
Vico: Dethroning in Heroic Society
Vico: Historical Mythology
Wide Adviser of Homer
Xenophon's Anabasis and Icelandic Sagas
You Barbarian! Greek Kernel of Orientalism

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