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Unknown Cynic 1

Athenaeus, Deipnosophistae 366.b-c

But our Cynics are full of unseasoned salt; among them, to quote Antiphanes, another Cynic says in The Bag: Of the relishes which come from the sea we always have one, and that day in, day out. I mean salt. . . . With that to season it, we manage to drink our poor wine — a speciality, Zeus be my witness, that matches our house. B. What do you mean, then, by calling it a speciality? A. Why, it's the kind do thing that is expedient for the entire company to drink from the cruet, like a cup.' And I also see garum sauce beaten up in a mixture with vinegar. I know that in our day some inhabitants of Pontus prepare a special kind which is called vinegar-garum.“

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