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Posted 2013


The Art of Not Being Governed
A Question of Values
Bruno Vico and Finnegan's Wake
A Comment on Lawrence Nannery's Presentation
Digital Ecosystems
Divine Providence and Human Providence in the New Science
English 360 Rhetoric Giambattista Vico
The Flight to Abstraction
Giambattista Vico and Finnegan's Wake
Giambattista Vico's "Endgame"
Giambattista Vico, the Copenhagen Interpretation, and H.P. Lovecraft
Humanist - Giambattista Vico on Humanistic Education
How Language Shapes the World
In defense of the dialectic method in IQ/Science discourse in Nunavut
The Humanist Lens - Giambattista Vico
Imagination, Hermeneutics, and Historicism in Vico's New Science
Kawabata's Snow Country and Japanese Culture
Knight's Tour / Lunar Distance
More to Laugh to Make You Cry
Literary Criticism and Theory: Vico
Literary Criticism and Theory: Mr Giambattista Vico
Literary Criticism and Theory: The New Science - Vico
Literary Criticism and Theory: Vico and Literature
Literary Criticism and Theory: Vicco's New Science
Mythopoeic Imagination
The Neglected Genius
A Note on Vico
Philosophy- Past or Future? A Taste of Vico
Poetic Truth, Part One
Position Paper #2 - Vico v. Descartes
Profile: Giambattista Vico
Ramus v. Vico - How Should Rhetoric Be Taught?
Seances in Anthropology
Sensus Communis
Sensus Communis and Natural Law
Social Cycle Theory
Startups, Technology, Companies
The Twilight of Money
Vico's New Science + Thoughts on the Influence of Marx
Truth, Socratic Dialogue, Internet Threads, and Giambattista Vico
Turnings, New Order, + Heroic Commonwealths
Where Have All the Heroes Gone?
Vico and the eLearner
Vico and Hermes
Vico's Historical Philosophy of Man
Vico's Ideas On Imagination
Vico on Probable Knowledge
Vico's Place in the Philosophy of Literature and of History
Where is Giambattista Vico's "New Science" in the 20th Century

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