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New Science - Vico

Giambattista Vico - Lucian of Samosata Wiki

Vico says that there were three different ages to begin: the age of the gods, the heroes, and then the men. As these ages moved along and progressed, so did the use of language and literature. The god's age was mute, and the pagan people used gestures and physical language and bore relationships to the ideas they had wanted to signify. The age of the heroes depended on the images, similes, and metaphors as their language. Then, the human age used vocabulary which was agreed upon by the popular vote.

Vico says that the “first wise men were theological poets; and that temporal institutions by nature have crude origins” (page 323) and that when we begin to turn to poetic wisdom, we have to regard its origins in the same light. This eventually lead to the conversion of the Egyptian mythical history into theology, and not just because of the development of the dirty stories, but for a number of reasons.

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