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Menippus of Gadara | Greek Anthology 417 - 418


Island Tyre was my nurse, and Gadara, which is Attic but lies in Sjaia, gave birth to me. From Eucrates I sprung, Meleager, who first by the help of the Muses ran abreast of the Graces of Menippus. If I am a Syrian, what wonder? Stranger, we dwell in one country, the world; one Chaos gave birth to all mortals. In my old age I wrote these lines in my tablets before my burial; for eld and death are near neighbours. Speak a word to wish me, the loquacious old man, well, and mast thou reach a loquacious old age thyself

418. — By The Same

My first country was famous Gadara; then Tyre received me and brought me up to manlihood. When I reached old age, Cos, which nurtured Zeus,i made me one of her Meropian citizens and cared for my declining years. But the Muses adorned me, Meleager, son of Eucrates, more than most men with the Graces of Menippus.

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