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Diogenes of Sinope | Julian, Oration 9.256

But happiness that depends on the chances of Fortune is very rarely secure. And yet men who are engaged in public life cannot, as the saying is, so much as breathe unless she is on their side . . . and they have created a merely verbal idea of a leader who is established somewhere above all the chances of Fortune in the sphere of things incorporeal and intelligible, just as men define the ideas, whether envisaging them truly or falsely imagining them. Or again they give us the ideal man, according to Diogenes “The man without a city, without a home, bereft of a fatherland,” that is to say, a man who can gain nothing from Fortune, and on the other hand has nothing to lose.

The Loeb Classical Library, Edited by T. E. Page, Litt.D. and W. H. D. Rouse, Litt.D. The Works of the Emporer Julian, Volume II with an English Translation by Winmer Cave Wright, Ph. D.

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