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Diogenes of Sinope | Aelian, Varia Historia XIII.26

Chap. XXVI. How Diogenes in extreme indigence comforted himself. Diogenes the Sinopean was left alone deserted by all men, not being able by reason of his indigence to entertain any man, nor would any one entertain him, all avoiding him because of his sower way of reprehension, and because he was morose in all his actions and sayings. Hereupon he became troubled, and did feed on the tops of leaves ; for this food was ready for him. But a Mouse coming thither, fed upon some crums of Bread which she found scattered there ; which Diogenes diligently observing, smiled, and becoming more chearful and pleasant to himself said ; “This Mouse requires not the plentiful diet of the Athenians, and art thou Diogenes troubled that thou dost not feast with them?” By this means he acquired tranquillity to himself.

Source: Thomas Stanley, translator (1665) Claudius Aelianus His Various History

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