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Cebes of Cyzicus

Athenaeus, Deipnosophistae 4.156c-e

And so, in my opinion, it would be much better to dine in the fashion described by Parmeniscus, in The Cynics' Symposium, than to see as in a fever all these dishes going round here.“ We laughed, and someone said: “Well, my fine fellow, don't begrudge us the account of that symposium of Parmeniscus.” So he raised himself up high beside us, and said: ” 'I swear to you, gentlemen,' to quote the pleasant Antiphanes. He has said, in Wrongly Wed: 'I swear to you, gentlemen, by that very god from whose bounty we all get drunk, that verily I should rather choose to live this life than have the superfluity of King Seleucus. It is sweet to sop up lentil soup without fear, it is miserable to sleep on a soft bed in fear.' Well then, Parmeniscus began his recital thus. 'Parmeniscus to Molpis, greeting: Since I have been very frequent in my addresses to you on the subject of the distinguished banquets to which I have been invited, I am in great apprehension lest you may at last be attacked with indigestion and lay the blame of your over-indulgence on me. Wherefore I wish to impart to you some of the dinner held at the house of Cebes of Cyzicus; so first drink some hyssop and direct your regard toward this entertainment. It was during the festival of Dionysus at Athens that I was invited to it. There I found a half dozen Cynics reclining, and one “master of the hounds,” Carneius of Megara.

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