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Demosthenes, Against Aristogiton 25.40

Now what is the defendant? “[Aristogiton] is the watch dog of the democracy,” cry his friends. Yes, but what sort of dog? One that never snaps at those whom he accuses of being wolves, but himself devours the sheep he pretends to guard. To which of the orators has he done so much harm as to the private citizens against whom he has been convicted of moving unlawful decrees? What statesman has he brought to trial, since he again took to public speaking? Not a single one-but plenty of private citizens. But they say that dogs who taste mutton ought to be cut to bits; so the sooner he is cut up the better.

Aristogiton. Son of Cydimachus or Lysimachus, of Athens. Rhetor. His mother was a freedwoman. He was nicknamed 'Dog' because of his shamelessness. He was put to death by the Athenians. His speeches were a Defence against Demosthenes the general, and against Lycurgus; Prosecution of Timotheus; Prosecution of Timarchus; Prosecution of Hyperides; Prosecution of Thrasyllus; Orphan Speech. Investigate this Aristogiton: perhaps he is the comrade of Harmodius.

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