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Crates of Thebes | Suda, Kappa 2341

Son of Askondas, a Theban, a Cynic philosopher, a student of Diogenes and Bryson the Achaean. He liquidated his property and gave the money to a money-changer, telling him that if his sons were philosophers he should give it to the people, but if not, to the sons themselves. He married Hipparchia of Maroneia and called their marriage “dog-coupling” (cynogamy). He had a son by her, Pasikles. He flourished in the 113th Olympiad. He was called “Door-opener” because he shamelessly entered anyone's house he wanted. This man, having abandoned his property [to be] sheep-pasturage, took to the altar and said, “Krates manumits Krates the Theban!” He wrote philosophical works. Krates said: “hunger stops passion; if not, time [does]; but if not even that can – a halter.” This man threw his property into the sea, as Philostratus the Lemnian says in his Life of Apollonius of Tyana. See also under 'Anaxagoras'.

Source: Online Suda Consortium

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