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Crates of Thebes | Demetrius of Phalerum, On Style 170

170. Even sensible persons will indulge in jests on such occasions as feasts and carousals, or when they are addressing a word of warning to men inclined to good living. A refer- ence to ' the far-gleaming meal-bag ' may then be found salutary. The same may be said of the poetry of Crates ; and it would be well if you were to read the ' Praise of the Lentil ' in a party of free-livers. The Cynic humour is, for the most part, of this character. Such jests, in fact, play the part of maxims and admonitions.

Demetrius. On Style. The Greek Text of Demetrius, De Elocutione, edited after the Paris Manuscript with Introduction, Translation, Facsimiles, Etc. by Rhys Roberts, Litt.D., Cambridge: At the University Press, 1902.

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